Institutional Member Application

To sign your organization up for the Creative Commons Global network you will need:

  • A CCID login account. If you are already an approved individual member, you must use a different CCID account to apply. If you don’t have a CCID, don’t worry, it only takes a minute to sign up here.
  • Two people who are already part of the network and know your organization well enough to vouch for it. You can find them on this site.
  • A website for your organization.
  • A contact name and email

Once you have completed the sign-up process:

  • You personally will have agreed to the usage policies for this site.
  • Your organization will have signed the Creative Commons Global Network Charter.
  • Your organization’s application will have been viewed by the people you have nominated to vouch for it, and by the Global Council.
  • Creative Commons legal team will have been in touch with your organisation to confirm the application.
  • Your organization’s name, web address, and contact details will be published as part of its profile on this site.


Let’s get started!

Or if you have questions or concerns, contact us!