CC Open Culture Platform

What we do

The CC Open Culture Platform provides a space to share resources, enhance collaboration and raise awareness on open access to digital cultural heritage, working with Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) professionals and open advocates.

Learn more about the CC Open Culture program.

See our 2020 work plan for past activities.

How to engage and join the Platform

Anyone who is interested can engage with the Platform through the following ways:

Funds available

Past Funding Opportunities

Open Call for Open GLAM Case Studies 2021

General Funding for Open GLAM Platform 2020

Call for Stories: Open GLAM in Underrepresented Communities

Community Spaces

There’s a lot of activity in the broader Open Culture community! CC supports the OpenGLAM Initiative and the Declaration on Open Access for Cultural Heritage. For those interested in getting more involved in the broader community, you can follow the @openglam Twitter account or read the Open GLAM Medium publication.