CC Copyright Platform

The Creative Commons Copyright Platform is a space for copyright advocates and practitioners to identify, plan and coordinate copyright law and policy-related activities.

The Creative Commons Copyright Platform brings together experts in copyright law and policy to develop and carry out projects and activities related to policy, legislative and regulatory issues in the field of copyright at the international and national levels with the aims of upholding the public interest and enriching and protecting the public domain. 

This platform is open to all interested people working on copyright policy issues. We work in a transparent, professional, ethical and public manner to undertake projects and activities aimed at fulfilling agreed-upon, collaboratively developed goals and principles. 

Visit the Platform’s github page to learn more about our mission, vision, and principles.

Our Work

  • Funded, goal-driven copyright law and policy activities
  • Sharing opportunities and updates via our mailing list and Slack channel.

Why Join?

  • Stay connected to global actions in copyright law and policy.
  • Identify, plan and coordinate copyright law and policy projects to collaboratively solve challenges to access to knowledge and culture with a dynamic group of copyright policy leaders from around the world.
  • Secure funding (from Creative Commons and other funding sources) for the copyright policy projects we collectively select.
  • Contribute to global perspectives on copyright policy issues to strengthen advocacy worldwide.
  • Connect your country / region to global copyright policy initiatives.
  • Be on the forefront in implementing Creative Commons’ global network strategy.
  • Meet annually (in-person) at the Creative Commons Summit with members of the CC Copyright Platform to celebrate successes, share best practices, and plan for the next year.
  • Explore, practice, and share innovative methods for inclusive and open engagement with other copyright advocates and policymakers around the world.

Anyone interested in copyright law and policy issues is welcome to join the CC Copyright Platform: 

Activities Fund

Creative Commons is investing in its Network Platforms. Each Platform has funding to work on activities that support the platform’s goals.

The Copyright Platform Activities Fund encourages and supports members of the CC Copyright Platform to further the open movement and our common vision in their country and region. It helps CC Copyright Platform members to strengthen their work and foster an inclusive and diverse commons. The Fund supports projects from any individuals, teams, or organizations in the field of copyright advancing the mission and work of an inclusive commons and aligns with the goals and principles of the CC Copyright Platform. 

Funds Available

In 2023, we have USD $20,000 to fund 3-6 copyright platform activities. Activity proposals should request minimum US$200.


The Fund supports all kinds of projects, whether you want to host a in-person event, create a podcast, research specific policy issues, launch a campaign, start an advocacy project to show the importance of any particular copyright issues, or want to create accessible materials to support your work, this fund is for you! In order to apply for funding, applicants need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the CC Copyright Platform
  • Send a clear description of the project or activity, including a basic budget (minimum fund to be granted is US $200 per activity)
  • The applications should be submitted in English
  • Fill in the application form by 20 March 2023

Examples of projects and activities to be undertaken as priorities by the platform include: 

Research and development of policy positions

  • Conduct legal research on copyright issues 
  • Identify policy needs among communities of researchers, educators, libraries, archives, museums and others users of knowledge commons. Produce policy analyses of legislative/regulatory proposals
  • Develop policy briefs, white papers, etc. on copyright issues

Information to the public

  • Increase public awareness of copyright issues, such as through blogging, social media, creating visual designs and infographics, etc.

Influence policy/advocate

  • Run online issue campaigns and/or petitions on copyright reform topics
  • Provide written or oral interventions to copyright law reform consultations
  • Draft open letters on copyright reform provisions
  • Educate stakeholders, users and government about public interests in international policy making (e.g. WIPO, WTO, Trade Agreements)
  • Organize events and bring together public interest stakeholders

Train/build capacity

  • Host workshops or other (in-person or) virtual outreach to stakeholders
  • Build a network of public interest stakeholders at local or regional levels
  • Build (or connect with) local/regional advocate and lawyer networks


The Activities Fund is designed to make funding available to members activities aligned with the CC Copyright Platform Goals. Proposals will be screened by CC staff and adopted based on Platform members’ votes. 


Activity fund recipients are required to complete a report at the end of the activity. The results from the activities will be shared with all platform members, the CC Global Network, and in wider Creative Commons communications. A reporting template is available.