Request a Chapter website

Creative Commons provides some basic technological infrastructure to be used by the CC Chapters around the world. That means providing communication tools for internal communications (mailing lists, slack channels, etc) and for external communications, such as websites. For the Chapter websites, CC provides the server backend and support and a subdomain for each CC Chapter requesting for it, using the domain with subdomains on it associated to each Chapter.  Hence, Chapter members can solely focus on using it and update it periodically.

Those websites were designed and developed by the Creative Commons team, following a beta program during April, 2019 where volunteer Chapters joined the program, used the prototypes and provided feedback later implemented.

What can I do?

Basically, anything you want 😉

The infrastructure behind the Chapter websites is a WordPress multisite, that allows you and your team to use it as a resource center for the projects you are working on. The Chapter websites are designed to be as flexible as it’s possible, providing the Chapter team enough space to organize their information in the best way possible.

Some recommendations

Considering this Chapter website will become the face of the Chapter on the internet, please consider the following recommendations at the moment of setting up your Chapter:

  • Carefully write an about section: talk about the chapter, about it’s history, goals, etc
  • What’s your local work: what do you do in your country, in which areas do you work
  • Articles, blog entries, events, research, etc

How do I get one Chapter website?

When you’re ready to go please send an email to asking for this service and we will send you everything you need to set your website up as soon as we can.